I’m thrilled to be a part of Layer’s of Luxe‘s vision of sharing our Vegas passion for the return of weddings in our city. We are here patiently waiting to celebrate your love story and send our love to you during postponements and cancellations. During these unprecedented time, Scheme Events and our Las Vegas wedding community are researching and learning new protocols to make Las Vegas safe again for you and your guests. When the time is right, we will be ready to celebrate bigger and better.

“Each one of you have a great love story to tell. Chapters build on one another to create an epic romance. It’s in the moments we least suspect that everything will change. So when you are ready to turn the page to continue to write your love story, We will be here… to save your date, to plan, to capture, to serve, to dance, to create, to laugh, to cry, to celebrate. Because we are here and passionate about your love story. #VegasStrong”