We are winding down on wedding season, which means our blog is going to be heating up with beautiful weddings as we receive the images from our Fall weddings.  These last few months took us indoors, outdoors, poolside, sky high roof tops and everything in between.  Our weddings were at country clubs, gardens, ballrooms and ran the rainbow in terms of color palettes.  We had weddings with wooden accents, fairytale influences, all white everything, golden glamour, nightclub confetti and so much more.  So how does 1 wedding planning team take all these weddings with vastly different themes, colors, decor and venues and make them all cohesive?  What ties them together to be a signature Scheme wedding?  It’s simple and it’s complicated.
The simple answer is romance.  We believe in romance and warmth and an inviting presence.  We love a sense of “wow” sprinkled with a sense of “ahhhhh.”  Romance exists in an elopement in the Nevada desert and in a ballroom with 250 guests.  It’s created by pairing the right mix in the textures of the tables, linens, napkins, china and glassware.  It’s livened by the full, lush, floral of bouquets, ceremony creations and the centerpieces on each table.  Floral plays a key role in creating the romantic feel that is just enough of ‘bigger is better’ without being ‘in your face’ or gaudy.  And romance is always topped by candles galore.
The complicated answer is romance means something a little different to everyone.  How do we define our version of romance and style?  We do it a little bit like Lou Bega singing, “Mambo #5”  It’s a little bit of Monica in my life, Erika by my side, Rita’s all I need, Tina, Sandra, Mary, Jessica and YOU.  Ohhhh man, did you just cringe and sing that song in your head?  It’s okay…just go with it and enjoy those memories from 1999!
We pull influence and inspiration from icons in and out of the wedding industry.  Martha Stewart is the apple of our eye.  Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine has been a favorite since we were little.  It’s always spot on with trends that don’t feel trendy, styles that feel effortless and ideas that are fresh.  Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang blur the lines of timeless wedding gowns and contemporary colors or silhouettes in ways that speak to our souls.  All while oozing romance in just the right way.  And who can resist a princess?  The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is every thing we could ever want in a modern day princess.  When you need a best girlfriend for an easy, breezy coffee date or the best beauty tips, we want Lauren Conrad on speed dial.  She’s on point, while always staying true to herself.  Lauren and Kate had vastly different weddings, but they both exuded romance.  And yes, Taylor Swift is in our collection of Ladies we Love.  Haters gonna hate, but Taylor knows what’s up.  Confidence and creativity are always in style.  This Sorority of Scheme Sisterhood is of course, a wish and a dream.  These women create our ideal of stylish romance.  But we have one woman left, and she’s the real deal.
And our last lady of inspiration?  It’s you.  It’s always going to be YOU.  If Vera, Monique, Kate and Lauren make you smile from ear to ear, you belong in the Scheme Sorority (and don’t worry gentlemen, you are welcome as well!).  You understand elements of tradition have a place and are to be honored when appropriate, but current styles also speak to you and aren’t to be ignored.  Romance marries old school to new skool and keeps it all feeling unified.  A Scheme wedding is dependent on the two individuals getting married and those we attract are friendly and down-to-earth.  People who appreciate other people.  Women who lift others and see the good.  Men who respect the craft and have a voice at the wedding table.  Brides and grooms who are inviting their guests to a celebration they will all experience together.  It’s not about drama, or keeping up with Jones’.  It’s authentic and genuine and, you guessed it, romantic.
We are Scheme, hear us {romantically} roar.
Las Vegas wedding planner_0120Photo credits clockwise from top left: Emily Wilson Photo | KMH Photography | J. Anne Photography | Chelsea Nicole Photo | Adam Trujillo Photography