When events and giving back to an amazing community that helps people in need, you not only feel great, but know that you are changing someone’s life for the better. I recently joined Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada (Candlelighters) and will be serving on the committee board for their Evening of Hope Gala. I can’t wait to create something special for all of the children and their families and raise awareness for this phenomenal organization. CandleLIGHTERS-FINAL_REV4

About Candlelighters.

Candlelighters is a non-profit agency that provides support and services for families of children diagnosed with cancer. Children from birth to 21 years of age who have been diagnosed with cancer or who have survived cancer are eligible for services if they are living or being treated in Nevada.The purpose of Candlelighters is to alleviate the isolation many families feel at the time their child is diagnosed, to offer love, care, encouragement, and understanding so that nobody feels alone with the uncertainty of childhood cancer.
What we loved most about Candlelighters is that all programs and services are given at no cost to the families. Donors have the satisfaction of knowing their support and contributions are directly helping Nevada family affected and it stays in the Nevada community.

How you can get involved.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available from hospital visits, event staffing, meal deliveries and much much more. Be on the lookout for more information on Candlelighters, The Evening of Hope Gala and how you can get involved!