If you’ve been following our blog over the last few months, you may have noticed some chatter about the big move we having coming soon.  Don’t worry, we aren’t going far.  In fact, we are moving next door!  We moved into our current studio space 4 years ago and have loved the memories we’ve created here.  If you’ve been to our office often, you’d notice that we seem to be arranging (and rearranging) our desks, furniture and storage spaces quite frequently.  It seems we are in a constant struggle trying to find the best fit.  As we’ve added staff in the office we adjust all the furniture to make more desk space available.  And as wedding season hits our spaces start getting filled to the brim with packages for weddings.  Boxes of linen, boxes of chargers, boxes of menus, escort cards and programs, boxes of decor and personal items.  Add to that the inventory we keep on hand for Welcome Bag Shoppe items like Blood Mary Kits, Hangover Kits and custom items.  We’re busting at the seams!
As our lease was about to expire we started the search for a new office with more space.  We searched around and ended up back in our own neighborhood.  The last few months we have {not so} patiently waited as walls have been framed, drywalled and painted.  Wiring has been installed, doors hung and we are in the last few stages ready for flooring and lighting.  The plans for our new office will begin an entire new experience for our clients.  Our top priority in the move was to get more space.  We now have a dedicated room for Welcome Bag Shoppe operations as well as a beautiful new conference room with glass walls.  Client meetings will take place amidst inspiration boards, beautiful photos, racks of linen samples and a few treats to enjoy. See photos below for progress made on the space.  The first set gives you a glimpse of the conference room to come.   We had the walls painted a gorgeous grey (our signature!) which you’ll see in the next 2 photos.  The last set of photos shows our division for Welcome Bag Shoppe.  We’ll let you know once the official move has happened and hope you’ll visit us soon!Las Vegas wedding planner_0075 Las Vegas wedding planner_0076 Las Vegas wedding planner_0077