If you have made it this far, you may have noticed our blog has been completely re-designed. You may have also browsed around our website a bit and noticed it has been re-designed as well. We are loving the new pops of color that we have incorporated into the site and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
Scheme sent out adorable (we may be biased) announcements to our  friends, past clients and vendors that have been featured on schemeevents.com. Nothing in the Scheme world is complete without a little… or a lot of confetti. Some of you may have been privileged with more confetti than others; we promise it was just luck of the draw. Liz Le captured some images of the envelopes and everything they contained below: check it out!

photoDid you see our blog post on these adorable polaroid small Instagram photos? We loved them so much we printed one for every envelope!

Now on to the fun photos! We wanted everyone who received the announcement to take a photo with the glasses we sent them on and hashtag (#) #spottedonscheme for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Here are some of the photos we received… we love them all!

1064800_637814259564465_1289758113_oThe lovely Angie Kelly of Peachy Keen Unions.

IMG_0348Shutterbooth‘s Todd Herod may have found a new prop for his photobooths.

IMG_0349Kevin Cordova, the lighting genus behind LED Unplugged, knows how to wear these glasses just right…while driving.

IMG_0347The oh so amazing Jodi Inouye of J.Anne Photography. We don’t even think Andy Cohen of Bravo could wear these better.

IMG_0338Boone, family member and president of Orange Soda Photography.

IMG_0340Michael Coxen… the “home” in Paper & Home.

IMG_0343This is King, son of one of the most awesome past clients, Elizabeth Flippin… the newly Elizabeth Scott.

IMG_0344This is Elizabeth Scott, rocking the glasses like no ones business in front of those awesome light up marquee letters!

IMG_0342Rissa’s nephew can only play Nintendo64 and win wearing the Scheme glasses.

1072648_10151750536967022_869516524_oLaura Covington of the lovely Bridal Spectacular and Spectacular Bride.

IMG_0345Tiffany Jones of Peridot Sweets made one heck of a background with her newly opened store!

IMG_0341Loving the collage from Chelsy Cardin of Cardin Creative.

IMG_0346Kristen, usually behind the camera shooting for KMH Photography, rocks these glasses!

xoxo, traci