Please welcome Francesca to the Scheme family! We knew we had to have her as soon as she sent us her resume branded and styled perfectly. Her kind and honest personality attracted all three of us. Francesca is Scheme’s Wedding Planner Assistant and you’ll probably hear her peppy voice when you call the office or see her on wedding days assisting the bride or executing the production schedule. She is simply wonderful and we love her!
Francesca grew up in the Bay Area and was exposed to a multitude of cultures from which she continually draws ideas and inspiration. She has lived in Las Vegas for the past twelve years and has recently graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology majoring in Graphic Design. This new venture with Scheme has been the perfect channel for her creativity and she looks forward to learning something new about the industry every day!
Check out Francesca’s inspiration board including all the things she loves
Las Vegas Wedding Planner
I love winter, endless cups of hot apple cider and any excuse to layer up and showcase my favorite warm weather accessories. ● I love bows – in my hair, on my nails, on my clothes, on my shoes, on my wallet… everywhere! ● My hair inspiration is Zooey Deschanel, that reminds me.. it’s time to trim my bangs. ● When I’m stressed you can find me baking in the kitchen. ● I love fireworks, especially being close enough to feel the boom against your chest. ● I could watch Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette over and over again – the pastels, bows, gardens and teacups always have me swooning! ● I still love the Disney Channel, but now I need to update my VHS movie collection to DVD. ● A bad day can be made good with the sounds of She & Him. ● My favorite color is grey – weird for a designer, I know – but it goes with everything! ● The only dogs I’ve ever owned are corgis, three to date, they have the best personalities and the sweetest faces. ● I love the rain, it saddens me that it doesn’t happen enough in Vegas… I have an extensive collection of rain boots I’d like to show off.

Let’s play loaded questions with Francesca…
If you were invisible, where would you go?
Around the world. I’d jump on a plane and check off places on my bucket list. I specifically want to see Versailles again; I didn’t have enough time or energy to explore those breathtaking gardens.
What is your favorite time of the day?
That would be the time I get to myself when I get off from work. While my fiancé works his way through his last hour of work, I catch up on my favorite blogs, download songs I’ve Shazamed throughout the day, or wander the aisles of Hobby Lobby.
On a weeknight, what could you be found watching?
I absolutely LOVE Once Upon A Time, but since that airs on Sundays my answer to this question would be Chopped on the Food Network! It’s the kitchen scientist in me who imagines myself in their shoes and the pressure they’re under to get creative with the strangest combination of ingredients.
What do you think the secret to a good life is?
Keep your favorite sweets in your bag. This is why. I love hearing stories about my mom and her sisters with my grandma, it always paints a picture of a wonderful life in my mind. My grandma passed away just before my fourth birthday but in that short time I always felt her “que sera sera” attitude and I think it’s because she always had a chocolate bar in her purse. If she was ever confronted with something she couldn’t change or do something about it, no big deal… she’d just indulge in her chocolate bar.
What is your favorite form of potato?
Au gratin! Ohhh to die for!! I learned a recipe from Anne Burrell a couple years ago and have made it for my family at every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner since then. It’s always finished before everything else!!
What is the strangest thing in your purse?
A walkie-talkie. Before becoming a Schemer, I wouldn’t have known what to do with a walkie-talkie in my bag. Come to think of it… I still don’t. How do you get to the sub-channel?
What is the best vacation you’ve ever taken?
Forks, WA! Yes, because my family is a bunch of Twihards. It was freezing and I caught a nasty cold but we slept in the most darling little cabin by the creek, drove around in a Jeep like Emmett’s (I made my mom do it haha!), pretended to be rebels crossing the Treaty Line and to our surprise (or lack of reading directions) we got a free ferry ride to Port Angeles. We even took a day trip up to Victoria, Canada, which is just a gem of a town. It was the most fun our family had together and we always talk about going back!

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