As you may know, I am quite the television show addict. I love finding inspiration in television fashion on television shows and coming across new shows that can inspire me. Clothing styles that range from bright and bold colors to clothes that you would wear out for a day in the office have great variety. Also, what could be more fun than watching TV shows and saying, “I am working”? Here are some of my favorites of this season.
Cougar TownBusy Phillips as Laurie Keller on TBS’ Cougar Town is such a vibrant character and her fashion since is just as vibrant as she is. Both of these outfits are pieces that I wish would appear in my closet for a date night or just a nice spring day in the office. { photos }

RevengeOh Revenge on ABC, how you are one of my favorite shows right now. I have always loved Emily Vancamp and when I started watching Revenge I didn’t know what to expect. Let’s just say that their wardrobe stylists for this show are a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Designer pieces are what this Hamptons style show is all about. And holy moly, this girl can pull off red like no other. { photos }

MarnieAllison Williams as Marnie Michaels knows how to dress for success. Both of these dresses are absolutely adorable and would be a great piece to add to your closet to wear to this springs weddings. {photo 1 | photo 2 }

Ed WestwickI thought I would add a little male fashion into this post. Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass on the previous Gossip Girl series has been my favorite dressed man on television. From bow ties to cuff links, either of these outfits would be great for a groom or groomsmen on a wedding day! { photos }
Blake LivelyWhen I saw the episode that Blake Lively wore this white to yellow ombre dress, I have not stopped thinking about how perfect it would be for bridesmaids or that non-traditional bride. The hairdo from the white party episode that she wore was absolutely stunning. { photos }
BlairI had to end with a little bit more Gossip Girl fashion as I feel it is today’s generation of Sex and the City fashion. This Elie Saab wedding gown that she wore in the final episode was absolutely beautiful! For those brides that would like to add a little color to their dress, this is where it is at. Absolutely breathtaking and even adds a little “something blue” to your wardrobe for your wedding day. { photo }