You know us Scheme girls are addicted to Pinterest and that Christmas shopping is going to be quite easy for our families this year. Read on to see what each of us is hoping to open up this Christmas.
Rissa’s Wish List

I’ve been needing to replace our utensils and been dying to get gold flatware for ages.  West Elm has the best set I’ve seen!  Maybe I’d cook a bit more often if I knew I was able to eat with these babies every meal.

Earlier this year, we redid our backyard and I love being able to spend time reading, relaxing and enjoying our citrus tree and rose bushes.  Our next step is a fire pit and this one looks like a perfect marshmallow roasting spot.

If Santa left a rose gold watch under the tree, I would be one very happy girl on Christmas morning!
All Tara wants for Christmas is…
This GUESS, Double-Breasted Empire-Waist Coat from Macy’s. The weather in Las Vegas has been wonderful, but not necessarily coat permitted. However, I love it all the same. 
Apple TV! Scheme got one for the office, but I can’t watch The New Girl and Glee all day in the office.

This Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover from Urban Outfitters that has been on my Pinterest board for a year.
What does Traci want for Christmas?

Now that I am finally getting around to decorating my house, I couldn’t resist not putting some home decor stuff on my list this year. I am absolutely OBSESSED with these letters from Urban Outfitters. Wouldn’t they look cute above a bar area?

I have never been much of a clock person, but when I saw this clock from Anthropologie, my heart skipped. I think this would be an adorable addition to my bathroom wall. Maybe if I had a cute clock in there… I wouldn’t run late all the time.
I have always dreamt of having a welcoming backyard to have guests over and just sit and relax and drink a glass of wine. Music is a must in my house and I think that these AR Wireless Speakers would be the perfect addition to finishing my backyard.