Here’s a little Halloween fun from my home circa…um, sometime mid 1990’s I’m guessing? I was dressed as a 50’s girl in a poodle skirt and you can see my younger brother took his job very seriously as a prisoner–no smiles coming from him! Where I grew up, Halloween often involved wearing boots, parkas and long johns with your costume to stay warm. By the time it got to Trick or Treating most kids looked like they were ready for a day of snow skiing! I was astonished my first Halloween in Vegas; warm weather trick or treating is definitely the way to go.

Halloween traditions began at my grandma’s house in California where it was warm, sorry Rissa. Dressing up was always my favorite thing, besides my grandma’s chili and cornbread she made every year. However, scare tactics performed by my uncle were terrifying to me then and now. Here is one of my all time favorite Halloween costumes with my sisters and brother. I of course had to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.


Childhood photos make me nostalgic, so I figured I would share this one with you. I was in preschool at Wichita Collegiate School, my friend and I decided we wanted to be princesses for Halloween… and we were; wands and all! I was never a big Halloween go-er. I didn’t, and still don’t, like scary things, haunted houses, or things jumping out at me. I do, however, highly enjoy a good scary movie. Halloween was always cold, rainy or icy in Kansas and I currently love the weather for Halloween in Las Vegas is much better.