For our second stop in our In the Shoes of… series, we headed to Tuxedo Junction to talk about all things men’s attire.  Mikka and Michelle showed us the ropes when dealing with tuxedos, suits, bow-ties and accessories.  Jodi of J Anne Photography came along to get pictures of our new set of skills.
Highlights for our field trip included the following fun facts:

  • It’s ideal to have at least three months to get fitted and order a tuxedo.  It can be done in less time, but it’s nice to have a cushion and not deal with added stress as the wedding day approaches.
  • When ordering at Tuxedo Junction, you have the luxury of an entire warehouse of shirts, jackets and pants.  You won’t have to order out of a catalogue.
  • Worried about out of town groomsmen?  Just have them get their measurements taken and sent to Tuxedo Junction.  Due to their large inventory, they are able to get your guys dressed in a matter of days (and sometimes hours!) if necessary.
  • The most common challenge guys have when getting dressed in a tuxedo is understanding cuff links and button covers.  Luckily for you, the Scheme girls have it down and will be there to help!
  • You want your toddler, infant or favorite pooch dressed in their finest duds?  Tuxedo Junction has you covered with outfits for all sizes.  Check out their doggie tuxes below.