Cheers to all the newly engaged couples!  Many of you are interviewing vendors and attending site visits to select the perfect venue to host your wedding. Las Vegas is home to a wide selection of hotels, country clubs and a variety of wedding venues. How do you select the perfect one? Well, we have you covered with some very important things you should consider before signing on the line. Roughly 50% of your wedding day budget will go towards the venue and food & beverage, so consider it the most important financial decision you’ll have to make.



Are you planning a destination wedding or a wedding in your backyard? Before making this first decision, consider your VIP guests. Will grandma be comfortable traveling internationally on a long flight? Once you’ve decided on your destination, think about the ease of getting to the venue from the hotel. Will you need to budget for transportation? Is it a long walk from the ceremony to the reception? Always have your guests’ experience in mind!


It is always best to work with a venue’s aesthetic than against it. For instance, if you love a flowy, garden inspired vibe — the modern art museum isn’t the first choice for a venue.  In addition to decor, take into consideration food & beverage service style, tables and chairs available to you, the additional decor you’ll need to bring in and the existing lighting in the room.

Guest Count

Always plan for the highest possible guest count in regards to your venue selection. Its more comfortable to eliminate a table than it is to squeeze one in. However, always plan for the lowest possible guest count in regards to food and beverage minimum. You can always spend more, but you cannot spend less than the amount you guaranteed at the initial signing.


Do not get married outside in the summer in Las Vegas. Period! If you’re hosting a destination wedding, research the weather! Always ask the venue what their backup location will be, especially if your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception is outside. Las Vegas has beautiful weather in spring and fall, but the slightest breeze through a wind tunnel could send your linens flying. No one wishes for scary weather on their wedding day, but a backup location will save the day!

Special Requirements

Be sure the venue is willing to take care of all your guests on your wedding day. If you have a gluten free family, make sure the chef can create something special for them. If you have children, make sure the venue allows guests under the age of 21. If you have guests that smoke, make sure the venue is not a smoke free property. We understand you cannot accommodate 100% of your guests, but it is worth considering when selecting your venue.

Food and Beverage

Ultimately, read reviews on food or call a local wedding planner to get honest feedback. Your wedding meal will be the most important meal of your love story and it better be good! If a venue is hosting an open house, attend and try the food! Review their menus and ask the chef questions. Ask what is included in their tiered bar packages. What kinds of wine are available? And lastly, talk dessert!
Happy venue search!