Have you been looking for that “IT” factor at your wedding?  Wondering how to create a unique wedding?  A customized wedding in Las Vegas that feels personal and reflective of you and your fiancee?  You’re probably a pro at Pinterest and have a folder full of “Saves” on Instagram or Tik Tok bursting with ideas.  As your wedding planner, we can turn those inspiration folders into reality, but we want to do so in a way that honors you.  And we want to add some flair.  At Scheme Events, we call those extra touches Surprises & Delights!  It’s that small moment that makes a guest giggle when they see something personalized in their honor.  And it’s the jaw-dropping experience that creates an excited chatter of, “that’s so cool!  this is so fun!  I’ve never seen that before!” and our favorite, “THIS IS SO YOU!!”  Maybe that’s a fire engulfed cake for serial Burning Man attendees.  It could be a custom dance floor wrap with the lyrics to a song he wrote for you (in his own handwriting!).  Or a special performer to serenade the father-daughter dance.  Crafting those ‘oooohs and aaaaahs’ is what we love.  Being a wedding planner in Las Vegas means we have access to the latest and greatest entertainment, design, catering and more.  We get the news about a new wedding band idea before it’s been done on Instagram 19 times.  Check out some our surprises and delights below and then call us ASAP so we can start planning yours!  Click here to get started!

Get INKED!  Ravers Alana & Dylan had a (temporary) tattoo station set up for guests to get party-ready at the wedding.  But Scheme couple Adelie & Vivienne went a step further and had a live tattoo parlor set up for guests during the reception.  Both were huge hits!

Cocktail hour memories.  Imagine your grandma walking into cocktail hour and finding the tables set with customized decks of cards, spoons and origami — everything ready to play the game she taught her granddaughter growing up.  The bride, Stephanie, has since played Spoons with her high school besties, college roommates, friends from her Residency program and hosted Game Night with her (now husband) Ryan.  These friends all had huge smiles playing and laughing while sipping on Stephanies favorite refresher — the Starbucks Pink Drink!