You’ve seen movies, shows and been to enough weddings to get the gist of working with a wedding planner. They make things easy and pretty, right? Yes, that’s part of it! But how does that actually happen? Scheme Events works with couples to tell a love story unique to each couple. That means lots of getting to know you, lots of organizing, lots of design and lots of us dealing with the vendors and details and small print so you can keep your busy career, social life, philanthropy and family time going. What happens in that grey area between the initial meeting and the last dance on the wedding day? Much of it happens on Aisle Planner. This resource streamlines the process so you can keep up-to-date with To-Do lists, assign tasks to your planner, drop notes or ideas and communicate efficiently. We’ll give you a sneak peek of a few of the features below. Make sure your volume is on so you can follow along with Tara.

See how dreamy it is?! We love a couple who is excited to participate in the process. So if you are a Type A person who wants to know every detail — Aisle Planner is here for you! And if you prefer to check in from time-to-time because work is slammed — Aisle Planner has you covered! Let’s chat about how we can work together and keep you excited about the wedding planning process, knowing you have an expert on your team. Click here to get started! We can’t wait to add you to Aisle Planner and get those tasks moving.