As Las Vegas wedding planners, we’re often asked about the etiquette of wedding vendor gratuities. Thoughtful gratuities or personalize gifts are always appreciated. Your wedding vendors will work extremely hard to ensure your wedding day is wonderful and stress-free. Thank them for helping you create a day you’ll always remember with warmth and joy. Gifts of appreciation come in all forms, but here are some suggestions for your vendor team.

Across the board, the best gift you can give your entire vendor team is a review on many different platforms and great praise to your circle of friends! 


The bartender fee is not a gratuity. Instead, it helps cover the cost of an additional bar set up and/or labor cost. A generous gratuity to a bartender is $100. 

Catering Sales Managers 

A personal gift is a great way to say “thank you for all of your hard work and for serving me and my guests.” Ideas include a gift certificate to the spa, jewelry or an engraved notepad with a handwritten thank you note. 

Hair and Makeup Artists 

For a job well done, a 20% gratuity is appreciated. 

Limo or Bus Drivers 

A 15% gratuity for a safe and timely transfer is recommended. 

DJs or Musicians 

Offer your DJ a generous tip. We recommend thanking them for keeping the dance floor full all night with $250. If you have several musicians, offer each $25-$50 depending on their time and involvement. 


A small gift is a great way to say thank you to your officiant for performing a thoughtful and memorable ceremony. Ideas include a bottle of wine, personalized stationery or a Starbucks gift card. 

Photographers and Videographers

A thoughtful gift goes a long way with your creative vendors, but they wouldn’t frown upon a cash gift either. Gift your photographer and videographer $100 each to thank them for their time or gift them a watch, new camera bag or coffee mug to share some extra love. 

Wedding Planner 

*Blushing* We say thank you for thinking of us as well. 

All Others Involved 

A handwritten thank you note! Please take the time to thank your florist for the beautiful bouquet, or your pastry chef for creating the most delicious cake you and your fiancé shared. Everyone appreciates a little love after the big day. 

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