It’s often we’re asked for guidance planning a rehearsal dinner. As Las Vegas wedding planners, The Scheme Team has designed, planned and coordinated many rehearsal dinners and welcome parties. Let’s discuss some common questions we get about the rehearsal dinner.

Who Hosts The Rehearsal Dinner? 

A quick google search will tell you it’s customary for the groom’s family to host the rehearsal dinner, but that’s definitely not always the case. Some couples have two grooms or no grooms at all. Often, the rehearsal dinner is hosted by both families, a close family friend, a relative or the couple themselves. It’s just important to understand who is hosting as you can plan and budget for this event, if necessary.

Who is Invited to The Rehearsal Dinner?

If you’re hosting a traditional rehearsal dinner, the guest list should include: members of the wedding party and their plus one, the officiant and guest, parents, stepparents and grandparents of the couple. You may also want to include any other immediate family members who are not in the wedding party as well.

When is The Rehearsal Dinner Held? 

Generally your rehearsal dinner takes place the evening before the wedding, immediately after the ceremony rehearsal. If your ceremony rehearsal is taking place earlier in the day, a brunch or luncheon is absolutely acceptable.

What Happens During The Rehearsal Dinner?

The rehearsal dinner offers the wedding party and family members an intimate opportunity to meet and connect. The rehearsal dinner is traditionally highlighted by many toasts, since the wedding reception is often limited to just a couple. The couple will also want to share words of gratitude and gifts to their families & friends in attendance.

What is an Alternative to a Rehearsal Dinner? 

Skipping the formal dinner to host a welcome reception for all guests is a great alternatie to a rehearsal dinner. It’s a wonderful way to start the weekend off with a bang and introduce all your friends and family. Las Vegas has so many unique options. You can find a list in our book, Planning by The Book. You can purchase a digital or hard copy here.