As Las Vegas Wedding Planners, we often get questions about the etiquette around inviting kids to weddings — especially a Las Vegas wedding.  Below we’re breaking down some of the most common questions regarding children at weddings and offering some advice on how to go about including the little ones in your celebration or ensuring your wedding is an adult only affair.

Is it appropriate to invite kids to our wedding?

Of course it is, if that’s what you want. Children can often make the celebration so special & fun. Is there anything cuter than little kids on the dance floor? And nothing will get your guests smiling and letting out a big “AWWWW” quite like a gaggle of flower girls walking down the aisle or a little boy in a tuxedo carrying a ring pillow! Just remember, if you do opt to have children at the wedding, and especially in the wedding party, be light hearted and relaxed about it. You can’t control a child throwing a tantrum right before going down the aisle so if the ring bearer needs to walk down with mommy or pass on his duties to the flower girl, just go with the flow. 

Is it okay to not invite children?

Absolutely! There is nothing wrong with wanting your wedding to be an adult only celebration and it’s not something you should feel guilty about. With enough notice, parents can make arrangements for the little ones and enjoy a night out without worrying about the needs of their kids. We strongly encourage setting the tone from the beginning by noting this on your save the dates, wedding website and invitations.

Should I  provide childcare for those traveling with their children?

In some cases with destination weddings, your guests are going to need to travel with their children. This is totally understandable. A wonderful gesture you can offer them, especially if your wedding is an adult only affair, is providing childcare. This can be done in a number of different ways. Perhaps it’s hiring a few caretakers and reserving a room near your reception where kids can play, have dinner and be looked after. Maybe it’s booking a suite at the hotel your room block is at and having a nanny service come. This is a lovely courtesy that will alleviate some stress from your guests with little ones and also ensure you’ve done everything you can to accommodate everyone and make sure your celebration is an adult only affair.

Can I include a flower girl and ring bearer but no other children?

You most certainly can! It’s totally normal to want to include some of the most special little ones in your lives, but not open up your wedding to include everyones children. You’re totally allowed to do this and your guests should understand. Often times, arrangements are made for the little ones to head out after the ceremony or dinner, allowing mom and dad to enjoy the rest of the night kid free. 

Your Scheme planners feel strongly that you and your partner should do exactly what you want. If you want children in attendance, by all means, include them in the invitation. If you don’t, please don’t feel guilted into including them. Over the years, we’ve planned and coordinated weddings with 30 kids in attendance all the way to ones that include no guests under 21. We are experienced in how to communicate who is invited and prepare for your guest of all ages.