It is such an honor to be asked to stand next to your dear friend’s side as they say, I do! The role you’ll play as maid of honor or matron of honor is so special. We’re here to explain some of what might be expected of you and how you can make the bride’s time as fiancé easier and more enjoyable!

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Pre Wedding Activities

As the wedding plans begin to unfold, you’ll likely be tasked with attending & spearheading a number of different events. It’s nice to make yourself available for dress shopping — and it’s also important to be at the final dress fitting to practice how to bustle the dress for the bride. It’s customary to host a shower or brunch to honor the bride in the months leading up to the wedding. Though there is usually family and friends to help share the load, the maid of honor is generally heavily involved in the planning and execution of this. Then of course, the bachelorette party. You’ll want to consult with the bride to get an idea of what she has in mind. Is it a trip to Mexico with a gang of girls or simply an elegant dinner with her closest friends and family. Whatever the bride desires, you’ll be an intricate part in making it happen. 

Lending a Helping Hand

There are many ways you can be there to help the bride as she is planning her wedding. Sometimes it’s attending a vendor meeting with her, sharing ideas to a Pinterest board or listening to her gripe about family dynamics. Beyond that, having a girls night to help stuff, seal and stamp save the dates or invitations is super helpful. Maybe your friend has decided to take on a DIY project for the wedding, being there to assist will mean so much to her. It is such an exciting time in the bride’s life, and simply being there and being present is huge! But don’t forget to ask for her to delegate a task or two your way! 

The Wedding Day

The day you have all been waiting for is here! Yay! You’ll want to make sure you’re at your best on the wedding day, so consider limiting the cocktails at the rehearsal dinner and getting a good nights rest. On the day of the wedding, you become the point person for the bride. Helping her answer questions and being there for things she might need. You’ll want to make sure she eats, help her get dressed and make sure she has everything she needs when it’s time to head out the door. And if your couple has decided to include toasts in their reception, you’re on! Spend time working on your toast in the months leading up to the big day. Don’t rush it the night before. You’ll want to keep it to around 3 minutes. Consider a little humor, share a quick story of you and the bride and don’t forget to acknowledge the new spouse and just how happy you are for them! After that, it’s time to party! Join the bride on the dance floor and celebrate the night away! 

As Las Vegas wedding planners, your Scheme Team can’t wait to meet your bridal party and maid/matron of honor. If you have any questions at all, leave a comment below!