One of the first thoughts that is likely to come to mind after you get engaged is… your wedding party! Who is going to be standing next to you on the most important day of your life? There are so many things to consider as you start to choose your wedding attendants, so we’re here with some tips and things to consider.

Financial and Time Commitments and Expectations

When you ask someone to be a part of your wedding party, it comes with a financial obligation and time commitment. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will have the costs of formal wear, shoes, hair, makeup, the pre wedding festivities, potential travel expenses and more. You’re also asking them to give of some of their weekends as well. It’s a good idea to take into consideration your attendants schedule and financial situation. This by no means means don’t ask someone you really want to be a part of your wedding party — but your Scheme planners strongly suggest setting the expectation for your attendants at the beginning. It’s also nice to give them an out too. Explain that you know you’re asking a lot and can totally understand if it’s not something they can commit to. You still can’t wait to grab a drink and hit the dance floor together at your wedding! 


Of course when you’re asking someone to be a part of your wedding, the assumption is they’re someone you couldn’t imagine not having stand with you. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many times an obligatory bridesmaid or groomsman. While we know and understand there are sometimes unique and uncomfortable situations, we strongly encourage you to consider how including this person is going to make you feel on your wedding day and beyond. Do you want them in your getting ready suite on the day of the wedding, are they going to increase your stress level, are you going to look back and wish you hadn’t included them? Then don’t! The awkward conversation prior to your wedding is much better than a stressful day simply because your felt you had to include them. 

Don’t Pull from the Bench

What do you mean? It’s a wedding not a ball game! The days of even numbered attendants for both you and your partner are over. Don’t pull from the bench to create an even number. Chances are you and your partner don’t have the exact same number of people you immediately want to include. Don’t feel the need to start making a list of who you’d ask secondary. As Las Vegas wedding planners, we’re pros at making uneven and unique wedding parties look amazing and feel right! 

Groom’s-Gal, Brides-Man

Groom’s-gal, Brides-man, Man of Honor, Best Maid….or whatever you want to call it! It’s not uncommon for girls to have best male friends or guys to have best girl friends. As the bride, maybe your brother is your best friend and you want him standing next to you, do it! The days of brides only having female attendants and grooms only male are over, and we are here for it! 

Zero, One or Two Attendants

Year after year, we’re finding it more common for couples to have smaller bridal parties. Just because your entourage in life might be quite large, it doesn’t have to be on your wedding day. Including just one or two of your closest peeps is a great way to keep things simple and special. There is also nothing wrong with deciding to forego a bridal party all together and simply stand at the alter with your soon to be husband or wife. You can still have friends and family plan and coordinate all the pre wedding festivities if you desire! 

In conclusion, the only rules when deciding on your wedding party is to consider what you’re asking of them and make sure, no matter what you do, you do what is best for you! Throw the rest of the rules out the window. The Scheme team has planned and coordinated weddings with no wedding attendants all the way to wedding parties of over 30! We can’t wait to hear about your wedding party and what your Las Vegas wedding looks like. We can help make the day flow perfectly, no matter how many attendants you choose. Contact us today!