Las Vegas Day of Coordinator

You may be able to plan your wedding, but you certainly won’t be able to seamlessly execute it on the day of! Hiring a full scale wedding planner may not be the best fit for you, but we assure you will will forever cherish the fact that you hired a Las Vegas Wedding Day Coordinator. You’ve dedicated all your free time to scouting the perfect venue, tasting and selecting your menu, designing your invitations, selecting your favorite flowers, interviewing vendors, collecting RSVPs, finalizing your table assignments and much much more. Now it’s time to take off your planner cap and put on your veil. 

What should I be considering when hiring my Day of Coordinator?

When selecting your Las Vegas Wedding Day Coordinator, it’s important to find someone you trust. You’re turning your wedding day over to them to manage. You’ll also want to find someone you feel will be a great fit for your fiancé, wedding party and family. You’ll have a lot of interaction with your coordinator on the day of your wedding, so a personality fit is very important. You want to make sure your coordinator understands your wedding day vision, what is most important to you and how you want your day to look and feel. Other important things to consider is what their experience level is and if they’ve worked with your venue and vendors before. Having a coordinator that has a working relationship with your venue and vendor team helps ensure a super smooth day. 

What can I expect when I hire Scheme Events for Day of Coordination?

You can rest assured that Scheme takes every step to ensure the dream wedding you have been scheming for months will be executed as planned. In order to do so, we begin our day of coordination 4 weeks before your wedding day. We have you fill out a quick questionnaire to get initial information which then leads to an in-depth phone, Skype or coffee meeting to go over every last detail. We then do a site visit to envision your wedding day with you. A production schedule is created and becomes the say all to your event. We dedicate an hour to your wedding rehearsal that’s scheduled a day or so before your wedding, then finally, it’s wedding day. We’re onsite orchestrating your vendors, setting up your small details like placards and table numbers, and coordinating your wedding party and the flow of the ceremony and reception. While we’re doing all these things, your relaxing and getting ready and are simply able to be a guest and enjoy a stress free day. 

Does your venue have a need or requirement for a Wedding Day Coordinator?

It’s not uncommon for venues here in Las Vegas to require you to hire a wedding day coordinator. More and more venues are moving to this model as a way to protect the integrity of your event. Because the venue is focused on what their obligations are, like food and beverage, they can’t be expected to handle a lot of the miscellaneous duties that a wedding day requires. Perhaps your venue doesn’t require a planner, but still had a lot of logistical difficulties. We strongly encourage you to hire someone for wedding day management. Having someone on your team that knows the ins and out of unique venues like The Smith Center, Neon Museum, or The Doyle will be one of the best investments your make. 

My venue has a coordinator, do I still need to hire my own Wedding Day Coordinator?

We look forward to working with great venue coordinators. They are wonderful and make our job easier. However, we work best as a team. Venue coordinators are responsible for their contracted services, such as, ensuring the venue is clean, prepared and ready for decor setup, providing flatware and glassware, ensuring food and service are timely and above standard. Your day of coordinator sets your decor, answers all the tough vendor questions, walks you down the aisle, cues the DJ, prepares your best man for his toast, explains etiquette, answers guests’ questions and is by your side throughout the day. Simply put, we work for you, your venue coordinator works for the venue and together we are a great team.

Scheme Love From Katie:

We used Scheme Events for our day of coordination, and Tara went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect on our wedding day! From the moment we sat down with her a month before the wedding, she took everything off our plates and enabled us to have a stress-free day and just enjoy it! Her professionalism and experience are unmatched. I can’t say enough about how helpful Tara was, and I would recommend Scheme Events to anyone! 

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