If you’re in the wedding planing process and chatting with photographers, chances are you’ve heard about The First Look! It’s one of the Scheme Team’s favorite moments of the day and certainly something we suggest you consider, even if you’re a traditionalist. 

Recently, Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, Liz of Elizabeth Le Photography, contributed an article to Planning By The Book on the topic. We are excited to share just why Liz recommends a first look here on the blog. 

Why I Love a “First Look” Article by Liz Le of Elizabeth Le Photography

Do you want to add a magical element to your wedding day? Have you considered doing a First Look? Maybe you’ve heard about this new trend but don’t know much about it. Or maybe this is a new concept for you. A First Look is essentially when the couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day before the ceremony. Usually your photographer is present in the background to capture this special moment. 

So you might be wondering: Is this something we should consider for our big day? There are many reasons to do a ‘First Look’, some practical and some emotional. As both a photographer and past-bride who decided to do a First Look I’ve put together my top 4 reasons for doing one. 

Alone Time

For my own wedding and for many of my couples, the First Look was the only private time we spent together. The wedding day is a whirlwind of events and emotions. You are whisked from one task to the next and before you know it the day is over.  For me it felt like the day ended way too quickly and I was sad not to have more time to soak it all in. The First Look forces you to to take time out of your day for just the two of you. It extends the day a little bit longer so that you can have a moment alone to connect and remember why you are getting married in the first place. 

More Time With Your Guests

The First Look gave us the ability to join our family and friends during cocktail hour, to sip our signature drinks and eat the appetizers we so carefully picked out.  It was so nice to mingle and hang out with our guests and share with them the excitement of saying “I do!”

Reduce Anxiety

Time and time again, my couples tell me that they are so glad they did a First Look for this reason.  A First Look has a way of calming your nerves and eliminating any jitters you may be experiencing.  My couples say that the minute they lock eyes on each other, their jitters immediately disappear.  Once all the nerves are gone, you can be more present and excited for the ceremony! 

Imagine this, you are both tucked away waiting for the moment to arrive to walk down the aisle.  You are so nervous, you may not want to trip, mess up your vows, or ugly cry in front of everyone. You are so nervous that as you are walking down the aisle that’s all you’re thinking about and you can barely make eye contact with anyone.  By the time you get down the aisle you just want to see your groom or bride. But what happens when that moment finally arrives? You can’t even hug or kiss each other.  You have to wait to the very end and by then that moment has passed.  Don’t get me wrong, that moment is very powerful, but it definitely is not like a First Look where you can hug, kiss, laugh, cry all you want and get it out of the way because no one is watching you.

Better Photos

When you choose to do a First Look, not only will you get more photos but you’ll also get better quality photos.  Since it is planned in advance, you will get to choose an ideal location with perfect lighting. Your photographer won’t be rushed to get all the shots in a short amount of time and you certainly can get more variety with different locations. Not only that, but you will have just finished getting your hair and makeup done so you’ll be looking your best at this time. And if you cry there’s time after to fix your makeup before the ceremony.  Most importantly, you are on a high after the First Look so these photos are usually the most natural and emotionally filled photos you’ll get from the day together.  

So maybe you love the idea of having more time together, being able to maximize the photo-experience AND getting to spend more time with your favorite people during cocktail hour. But you’re worried that doing a First Look will take away the surprise and excitement of the wedding ceremony.  I know because I had these fears too.  I was SO glad we made the decision to do a First Look because it was our favorite part of the day…and we have some amazing photos to prove it. It didn’t take away from the ceremony at all and only added another special element to our wedding day.  

In the end, this is your day and you should decide what will make it incredible. Choosing to see each other for the first time down the aisle or in a romantic private moment before the ceremony is a personal decision. I hope I’ve given you some insight on why a First Look can make a beautiful day even more magical.

Thank you so much to Liz for sharing your helpful insight. To see more of Liz’s beautiful work, visit her website here

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