I don’t care. Whatever you want. It doesn’t matter to me…. Have you heard these words come out of your fiancé’s mouth? If so, know you’re not alone. After years of Las Vegas wedding planning, we’ve heard them too. Sometimes getting your significant other excited to be a part of the wedding planning process can be a challenge. Your Scheme Wedding Planners feel passionate about both parties being involved, so we’re sharing some ideas to help you get your partner excited about wedding planning too. 

Photo Credit (Left to Right): Adam Trujillo Photography, Chelsea Nicole Photography, Gaby J Photo

#1 Make it Fun!

It’s not uncommon for one of you to be fully immersed in the excitement of planning, and the other to find it to be a bit more of a chore. Let’s flip the script! When it’s time to discuss some of the planning details, think of ways to make it enjoyable for both of you. Perhaps it’s cooking a favorite meal and pouring a glass of wine before you dig into details. When you find yourself in the car for a few hours together, why not take the time to listen to songs and start putting together some of your favorites you want played on the big day. Just keep in mind if you can find ways to work wedding planning into enjoyable activities, it will feel much less like a chore or something that is forced on your partner.

#2 Make Sure You’re Both a Part of Vendor Meetings

While a lot of the decision making may fall onto you, you might be surprised when your partner voices their opinion on a first look in the initial photography meeting. Maybe they’ll even have a preference on a plated meal versus a buffet or care about low centerpieces over high ones! Either way, give them a voice and try to bring them along to vendor consultations and meetings. We bet you’ll learn something new about the person you plan to marry!

#3 Ask For Help

Instead of getting frustrated that your partner isn’t taking initiative, be specific and ask for help with a certain task. This could mean selecting the song list for cocktail hour, researching a location for your rehearsal dinner or deciding on some specialty cocktails. We find if you’re able to delegate a specific task, chances are it will have a great likelihood of getting done. 

#4 Make an Effort to Value Their Wants and Opinions

While you may have a lot of wants and desires for the wedding day, your partner may simply want you to be happy. What a great feeling. But when they do mention something they really enjoy, like maybe one of the hors d’oeuvres you tried, ensure that it’s on the menu. A lot of times the list of things they want is so small and simple, you’ll find it easy to accommodate. This will make them feel like they have an important role in things and you feel like you are valuing their partnership in the planning experience.