Photo: Chelsea Nicole Photography

If you are in the thick of wedding planning, you probably understand this universal truth: Wedding planning in Las Vegas comes with a lot of decisions! One of the most important being who you have as your entertainment for the night. Will it be a local Las Vegas DJ or will you choose to have a live band? Let’s discuss some pros and cons to each, plus common misconceptions. 

Wedding Bands are specific to one style of music….

Not quite. While there are bands that specialize in a Country or Motown style, most wedding bands are fully versed in all genres of music that will get your guests up and dancing. Most bands will have a few different lead and backup singers to ensure whatever song is on your playlist will be sung to perfection! We feel there is a certain energy that a band creates at a wedding that simply cannot be duplicated. If a live band is something you’ve ever considered, go for it! It’s a decision you won’t regret!

A DJ will be on the microphone all night and try to play the Chicken Dance….

Bite your tongue! As Las Vegas Wedding Planners, we take such pride in the DJs we recommend to our couples. Although all DJs have a different approach & style, you can be comforted in knowing the days of the cheesy wedding DJ are a thing of the past. Your DJ will also ask for a list of your must play and do not play songs. This ensures you’re safe from the Chicken Dance and you can guarantee the song that gets your guests up and groovin’ is played first! If you’re leaning towards hiring a DJ, investing a little more into a reputable DJ will be the some of the best spent money!

My friend is a nightclub DJ and will be perfect for my wedding and save me some cash….

Tricky subject. Nightclub DJs are awesome, in a nightclub. Same with their music. The house/techno mix is great for friends having a good time at a club. It’s not a perfect fit for most weddings. A professional wedding DJ will not only rock some great tunes, he/she will also announce your grand entrance, invite guests to dinner, handle song requests, let guests know to prepare for special events like first dance, toasts or cake cutting. They are used to bringing a mobile set up to a variety of locations and making sure their equipment is compatible with each venue.  We recommend giving your friend the night off and inviting him/her to enjoy your wedding while a professional wedding DJ takes care of your event.

What are some ways I incorporate live music without going all in on a band…

We always think an element of live entertainment is a great way to include a personal touch to customize your wedding. If hiring a band for your full reception isn’t an option, here are some ways to still include live musicians as part of the day:

  • A String Quartet for the ceremony
  • An Acoustic Guitar Player for cocktail hour
  • A talented Saxophone Player during dinner 
  • An Electric Violinist to play intermittently along with the DJ 

There is no right or wrong choice, just what is best for you two as a couple. Whether you hire a live band, a DJ or get creative in incorporating the two, with the right preplanning, you’re wedding will be the party of the century!