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Now, more than ever, it is highly recommended to obtain wedding insurance as soon as you secure your wedding date at your chosen wedding venue. Wedding insurance protects you from so many things pertaining to your wedding day. For instance, you can gain protection from cancellations, gifts, jewelry, rented property, loss of deposits and weather! We all plan for a perfect wedding day, but relieve some stress and insure it. 

Among the many insurance types available, Wedding Liability Insurance is most common, and at some venues, required. It protects you from real life scenarios like red rose petals staining marble floors or a guest injuring himself on the dance floor. Wedding Liability Insurance should cover bodily injury, personal injury and property damage caused by a covered accident during your wedding. 

It is also so smart to have Wedding Cancellation Insurance including Postponement. This type of wedding insurance protects the nonrefundable expenses incurred when your wedding must be cancelled or postponed for certain reasons beyond your control. From military leave of absence to severe sickness, there are a number of unplanned scenarios and events that may put a wrench in your wedding plans. Wedding Cancellation Insurance will put your mind at ease and protect your investment. 

Among the many other wedding insurance types available, select from a la carte options that are important to you. Additional coverage against loss or damaged wedding photographs and videos, wedding gifts, wedding rings or wedding day attire may also be available. 

A wedding insurance policy may cost you $150-$500 depending on the amount of coverage requested. Shop around because costs can vary significantly. We provide two recommendations below, but you may also want to start with your own home insurance to see if a bundle might be available. Every insurance policy and every wedding scenario is different. Please be sure to talk to your insurance agent, review your policy in detail and understand every line of your policy. You won’t regret it! 

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