Valentine’s Day is looking a bit different for most of us this year, but what a beautiful opportunity to create special and unique moments for our relationships. Here are some of our suggestions for the perfect Stay at Home Valentine’s Day! 

Prepare Your Meal

Hire a personal chef or prepare a lavish menu together with your partner. Think about your very first meal together, or your favorite meal in your favorite destination. Think about the cocktail that stirs up emotion and the dessert that takes you back to a cherished memory. Treat yourselves to multiple courses, bottomless wine and indulge in your love story. 

Set Your Table

Whether cute and flirtatious or elegant and romantic, the choice is all yours! We recommend you set your table with a table linen, chargers and flowers to create your look. Don’t forget the candles! And to top it off, be sure to print menus to use and scrapbook for great memories of your Stay at Home Valentine’s Day. 

Dress the Part

As much as we have enjoyed the extension of the lounge wear trend, tonight is not the night. Get all dolled up, women put on high heels, men put on a tie, and strut your stuff to your dining room table. Don’t forget to put on perfume and cologne. 

Create the Mood

Prepare a great Spotify playlist which includes wedding day songs, favorite soundtracks, dedications and special songs that tell your love story. We hope it sparks a walk down memory lane and a renewed love for your journey of where you’ve been and where you desire to go. 

Teach Something

Lastly, we encourage you to teach each other something fun and personal. This could be as simple as your salad dressing or has meaningful as your love language. Consider teaching a TikTok dance or explaining the meaning behind your morning routine. Practice a yoga pose together or buy a stock together to invest in your future. Whatever it might be, we hope you’ll walk in each other’s shoes and develop a strong appreciation for one another.

Coordination, Design and Styling: Scheme Events • Photography: Chelsea Nicole • Stationery: Paper & Home • Floral: Layers of Lovely • Pottery (plates, mugs, cake stand): The Pottery Shop • Hair and Makeup: Amelia C & Co.