Tip #1 Act Quickly

I completely understand and actively participate in the waiting game. I’ve been at the edge of my seat with every new announcement, but couples are acting fast and currently already postponing their weddings to 2021. In order to secure your next top choice date, you will need to act quickly. Begin with your venue and caterer. Find two dates that work for them and your families/wedding parties. Then move to your top four vendors, wedding planner, officiant, photographer and DJ/band. Hopefully between the two dates you can find a day that works for everyone. Finally, move into your remaining vendors who can likely manage multiple weddings in one day, like your florist, rental companies, bakery, transportation and hair and makeup artists. If this feels overwhelming, hire a planner for partial planning who can help manage contract addendums and communication. We would be happy to help you! 

Tip #2 Anticipate and Plan for Change

While vendors are accommodating date changes and doing our best to keep plans the same, there will be changes. Anticipating change will help avoid disappointment. Anticipate less guests. Anticipate rebooking a vendor or two due to unavailability on your postponed date. Anticipate strict safety procedures including social distancing ceremonies, minimal guests to a table, lack of buffet options and more. Planning ahead is best. 

Tip #3 Send New Invites

If an invitation was sent for your original date, its best to send a whole new invite for your postponed date. You’ll need to collect a proper RSVP count for your new wedding date. You may send a “Save Our New Date” postcard advising guests to visit your website for updated information and to RSVP online to save on paper and expense. Totally acceptable. 

Tip #4 Don’t Forget About Guests Who Can No Longer Attend

While uncertain times prevent at risk guests from traveling or gathering in large groups, their love and support can be felt from miles away. Celebrate that! With the help of Celebration Box by Scheme Events, you can send a curated wedding day gift to your missed guests so they can share in your day from wherever they may be. From ceremony programs, playlists, favors, place cards and even a customized individual wedding day, guests will have tangible items from your wedding day and know you cared to include them. To learn more about Celebration Box, visit our latest blog here.

Tip #5 Love is Not Cancelled

Although the world has shut and locked its door, you hold the key to your love story. Dedicate this chapter to an unbelievable struggle you conquered together. Celebrate the big wins. Love each other harder. And walk through that door more in love and connected than ever. Your wedding day chapter will be waiting for you.