Two words… must have! It is essential to have a back up plan when you plan and design your wedding in Las Vegas. Rarely do we have to use it, but it allows everyone to sleep at night should we need it. Although spring temperatures in Las Vegas can be gorgeous, our winds can uproot trees! Summer months are hot to begin with, but when we reach a scorching 120 degrees, your guests will burn and dehydrate. Fall is the best time of year in our city, but watch for rain. Weather is the one thing that is completely out of our control. Simply put, have a backup plan.
If you’re planning and designing your wedding in an outdoor venue with a lack of indoor back up space, budget for a tent. Do some research and collect pricing based on your location and guest count. In most cases, you can make the final decision on the tent the week of your wedding. The tent will protect the design you’ve created with little change. However, take into consideration lighting, draping and layout underneath a tent.
If you’re planning and designing your wedding in an outdoor venue with an indoor back up space, visit the indoor space and have it in mind throughout the planning process. Will your ascetic look ok in the indoor space? Can your bistro lighting be switched out for uplighting? Will your floor plan fit into a rectangular ballroom? When the final decision has to be made two days before your wedding day, you won’t have to scramble to come up with a new design. Check out to find a wedding venue that caters for any taste.
Ultimately, consider yourself a guest at your wedding. Does being under the stars with a candlelit dinner really matter when the wind blows your salad off your plate before its set down in front of you, or the rain drenches your new dress and creates a slip and slide on the dance floor. It sucks, we know. We’ve invested a lot of time and emotion into your wedding as well, but at the end of the day you still get to marry your best friend, rain or shine.