Did you receive an extra sparkly gift this Valentine’s Day? If so, congratulations on your engagement! Set off the fireworks, cue the confetti and pop the champagne, we have some celebrating to do. Perfect your proposal story, announce your engagement and set the date for the anticipated wedding day. Then, sit back and let it settle in. We have a small to do list for you to ensure you get your wedding planning started on the right foot.
las vegas wedding planner

Select your Destination

Will you be hosting a large wedding at home or will you select a destination to host your closest friends and family? Will you enjoy an exciting city like Las Vegas or will you enjoy a more relaxed location like Hawaii? Your destination will set the tone for your wedding and attract some guests and detour others. Take into consideration elderly guests and their ability to travel. If you have VIP guests who need special care, staying home may be the best case scenario. Wherever you decide to host your wedding, research travel options, wedding vendors and costs prior to making your final decision.

Finalize Your Guest List

Begin with your VIP guests like grandparents, parents, siblings and immediate family. Then jump into your wedding party and their guests, followed by extended family and friends. Your guest count steers your budget significantly so be wise with your growing number. Also consider if you’ll be having an adult affair or if children are kindly invited. We highly advice creating your guest list before sharing your wedding plans with everyone you know. You don’t want to backtrack later when you cannot invite your entire dance team from college.

Create a Wedding Email Address

Your email will become a central location for inquiries, proposals, contracts and wedding details. It’s best to create a wedding email address solely for wedding planning. It will allow for organization and ease throughout the wedding planning process. Once you return from your honeymoon, or receive your wedding photos and video, do one last sweep and remove the address from your phone.

Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

If you’ve decided on a destination for your wedding, some type of wedding planning service in that location is recommended. Do not hesitate to call local wedding planners to talk about your desires and ask questions. Most wedding planners are happy to point you in the right direction if anything. However, before making the call have some specifics decided like your guest count, wedding day budget range, wedding date or season and any venue ideas you might have. A wedding planner will be able to help you much more if you can answer the above the questions.