We send our love and excitement to all our newly engaged couples! 2016 is sure to be filled with romance and elegance. To be sure you get there with your spouse, we have three important resolutions for you. These resolutions will help you cross the finish line of your wedding day with stress free smiles, excitement and a full heart.
Las Vegas Wedding Planner

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Make Your Marriage a Priority.

Discussing wedding decor and entertainment may occupy the dinner table, but try discussing your expectations for your marriage during dessert. It is important to plan how you will achieve your vows and spend the rest of your lives together. How do you envision the household? How many children would you like to bless? How will you manage finances? Entering your wedding day with a plan to succeed gives your ceremony an added purpose you both can enjoy.

Plan a Non-Negotiable Pre-Honeymoon.

Mark you calendar for a weekend getaway that is a wedding planning free zone. Take the weekend to reconnect with your fiancé. Do something that has been put off. Relax and rejuvenate. Its exactly what you’ll need leading up to your wedding day.

Remember a Wedding Day has a Bride and Groom.

Grooms, get involved, and brides, let your groom get involved! There is so much more reward when you plan your special day together. When you enter your wedding reception to the song you choose together, played by the band you select together, the bond and excitement is wonderful. Your wedding will be a true reflection of your relationship when you each put your touches on something.