When it comes to the wedding reception you often hear the words “dinner”, “drinks” and “dancing”. You’ve worked with your amazing caterer to build a menu that’s sure to ‘wow’ your guests but why not knock it out of the park with your First Dance or even a dance with your mom and dad?
Kim Sakren of A Perfect Wedding Dance has choreographed a ton of our couples’ First Dances and Parent Dances and we’ve asked her for some tips and advice for any of our brides and grooms who may be nervous about taking center stage or hesitant about dance lessons.
• How many lessons does it take to perfect our dance routine and how often should we come in for lessons?
‘How many lessons’ is the question of the century… some people pick up on dance moves easier than others and some have had some a dance background. Also, it depends on how big of a wedding dance the couple wants. The more lessons I teach the couple, the more detail can be put into their dance. The detail is in the complexity of the steps, styling and technically smooth. I have my couples video the lessons to enhance their dance practice in between lessons. I offer a variety of lesson packages. Some couples have a firm time and/or budget limit. Then others are fine with adding on extra, because they want more detail in their dance or they simply want more lessons. I start with a 4 lesson package in either a 45 minute or 60 minute lesson. An average amount of lessons is 6-10 hours of instruction. Of course a dance can be accomplished in less or more time. 11 plus lessons will render a more detailed dance and easily performed. Typically the wedding couple will take lessons a minimum of once a week, twice a week if they have time is even better. Some couples do not both live in Las Vegas, so then we will Skype some lessons as well as couples that do not live here at all, then week of the wedding is a “Crash Course”.
• What type of dance styles do you teach?
I am a Certified Ballroom Instructor. Also teaching, Latin, Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Lindy, Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba, Merengue, Bachata, Samba, Bolero, Nightclub Two Step, Country, Jazz, Iconic dance moves, Tap, Hip Hop and Theatrical Arts.
• How should we dress for our lessons?
Shoes similar to what you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. The wedding shoes should be worn towards the end of the lessons to be broken in but not soiled. As far as clothing, I don’t want long skirts and dresses in the beginning of the lessons, because I need to analyze the step patterns. Comfortable clothing is best. Towards the end of the lessons I have a wedding gown crinoline, or petticoat, that the bride will wear so both her and the groom get a feel for dancing with a gown. I also have a veil, so if the bride is wearing a veil for the First Dance she would have practiced with it. As well, if the groom is wearing his jacket during the dance I will want him to bring a jacket to the lessons.
• I have two left feet, how difficult is it to learn to dance?
One of my tag lines is, “Teaching Any 2 Left Feet How to Dance Right”. For over 18 years specializing in Wedding Dance Choreography and Instruction the most important thing has been to deliver clear concise communication hence instruction in a private and comfortable studio.  As an Independent teacher I do not have to follow a dance syllabus or style so I can teach whatever steps needed for the couple and their song(s). Many songs do not fit the typical ballroom dances so I am free to modify and change step patterns as needed making it easier to pick up on the dance moves. As well as making sure the choreography and dance are becoming for the couple and fulfilling their vision for their dance.
Here are some memorable dances from our past brides and grooms choreographed by Kim (can you spot one of Scheme’s very own?).
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Left: Kat & Zack COMING SOON! [Ostara Photography] • Right: Carrie & Kaz [AltF Photography]

2015-04-07_0002Left: Kelly & Rick [AltF Photography] • Tara & Gabriel [Orange Soda Photo]