Planning a Jewish wedding in Las Vegas is a popular option for many of our couples.  Some of them do a more traditional Jewish wedding with the ceremony at the synagogue followed by a night of dinner, dancing and lots of shouting Mazel Tov!  Other couples have requested some Jewish wedding influences but with a more contemporary twist.  One bride described it like this, “I want an ‘ish’ Jew wedding.  This is a destination Jewish wedding so I want influences of the culture but not a full kosher affair.  It should be Jew-ish.  As if it were Catholic-ish or Indian-ish.”  This bride kept certain Jewish wedding elements like the chuppah and breaking of the glass and the ketubah and dancing the Hora.  Scheme is known for designing contemporary weddings in Las Vegas so we get asked how to take cultural influences and make them work in the overall wedding design.  Below are some ways to tie in Jewish heritage to your wedding, but keep your wedding personal and designed as you envision.
The Ketubah
This Jewish marriage contract is a tradition many of our Jewish brides honor with their fiancé.  This beautiful document is typically hung in the home after the wedding, so why not make it complement your style and decor?  There are hundreds of options online to find just the right one for you.  It’s a wonderful reminder of the promises you’ve made to one another and will serve as a custom art piece.
Las Vegas Jewish wedding
The Chuppah
Being married under a chuppah has been part of the Jewish religion for ages, but you may have seen it incorporated by some of your Gentile friends.  Many couples these days ask for a ceremony structure similar to a chuppah so it’s popular for all kinds of weddings.  For your Jewish ceremony, you’ll want to make sure your chuppah is grounded on four sides and covered across the top.  This is a place to personalize your wedding to your likes and tastes.  As seen below, couples incorporate floral in their colors, crystals on the sides or even a hanging chandelier.
Jewish wedding Las Vegas