We have some exciting news happening in the wedding industry in Las Vegas.  The Wedding Industry Professionals Association (WIPA) is forming a chapter in Las Vegas and we (Rissa, Tara & Traci) are the Event Chairs for the Launch Event!  That means we get to plan and design an event for the best and the brightest of the wedding industry in Las Vegas (and lots of guests from out of town).  No pressure, right?  You have to impress these people!  WIPA is an amazing organization and focuses on innovation and inspiration in the wedding field.  Scheme’s first WIPA experience was years ago and we were hooked from day one!  We traveled to Malibu for our first WIPA meeting and couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous details and wonderful education at the event.  It’s such a huge opportunity to bring that style, luxury and inspiration to Las Vegas.  If you are a vendor or associate in the wedding industry in Las Vegas, make sure to register for this event!  We have an amazing team of sponsors that will blow your mind with beautiful floral, delicious food, creative furniture and much much more.