Last month, my husband and I spent two weeks with my parents traveling through parts of Eastern Europe.  We had a quick 24 hours in Paris (just long enough to see a few sites and hit up Laduree for macarons!).  Next, we flew to Romania and spent a night in Bucharest.  From there, we headed to the Danube River to hop on a river cruise.  We followed the flow of the Danube through Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary, spending a day or two in each country along the way.  The cruise ended in Budapest, Hungary–the favorite city of our entire tour.  During our travels we visited church after church, but the one in Budapest stood out to me so differently than the others.  Matthais Church in Budapest has been renovated over the years and features gorgeous frescos full of patterns in just about every nook and cranny.  I am a pattern lover.  I love it in churches, love it in clothing, love it in weddings.  I’m happy to sport a striped top with polka dot shorts or a floral blouse with a striped cardigan or a striped skirt with camoflauge print t shirt.  Hmmm, notice a stripe pattern?  I do love stripes…guilty.  Seeing Matthais Church set my pattern loving heart on fire.  I think they combined 15+ patterns in the columns, flooring, walls, ceiling and roof.  I wish I had the skills of the super talented photographers we work with to show you just how cool this church is, but an Instagram collage will have to suffice.
Pretty unreal, right?!  I’ve never seen a church like it.  These days, patterns in weddings are totally hot and I love to see a stripe, polka dot, trellis or floral incorporated in all sorts of fun ways.  Below are some ways to get adventurous with patterns and play them up with your lighting plan, attire, linens or cake!
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