Kelle and Morgan wanted a great, big, fun party for their family and friends and that is exactly what they got!  Their guests–including her over 80 year old grandma–partied hour after hour after hour at their M Resort wedding inside Ravello Lounge.  But let’s rewind and start at the beginning…
Hosting a Las Vegas wedding was an easy choice for this couple.  They live in Canada (hello more fellow Canadians!) but have family and friends that live and play in Vegas.  Kelle and Morgan come to Vegas often and knew it would be a hot spot for their guests.  Kelle knew she wanted a modern all white wedding ceremony so we decked it out with a white round riser, modern lucite vases with white calla lilies, white roses, white orchids and white hydrangea.  A dramatic entrance was made by Kelle and her father when they walked the 250 feet (yes, really…that long!) to meet Morgan as a mariachi band played in the background.  Family and friends surrounded Kelle and Morgan in a semi circle formation and created the perfect capsule of love.
The reception held in Ravello Lounge was sparkle, glam and glitter.  Scheme created custom silver glitter letters indicating the main areas of the party: “EAT…DRINK…PARTY”  Stations served Mexican food specialties and lead into a night of dance after dance after dance as DJ Harry O projected music videos onto a large screen and guests enjoyed custom cigars hand rolled on the balcony.
Kelle and Morgan are beautiful people and crazy fun to be around, but there was a moment on their wedding day I will never forget.  As guests were taking their seats, I was escorting Kelle and her father to take their places near the aisle.  We were hidden from guests’ view, but Kelle could catch glimpses of people as they approached the ceremony site.  She commented to her father on some of the memories she had with various individuals.  The music changed and signaled the bridal party to begin taking their places.  We knew this meant only a few more minutes until Kelle began her entrance.  During that time, Kelle looked at me and began thanking me for all the work we’d done together.  Here she is…moments before getting married…and she’s going on and on about the many months we’ve spent together and making sure I knew how appreciative she is.  She has a good soul, I’m telling you.  I may or may not have wiped a tear away after fluffing her dress and sending her down the aisle.  Kelle and Morgan, I want to thank YOU for your trust in me, your kind hearts and wonderful generosity.  It’s no wonder you had a day overflowing with people, love and support.  You two are top notch!  xoxo
M Resort Las Vegas Wedding
Las Vegas M Resort Wedding
Las Vegas M Resort
Las Vegas Wedding M Resort
M Resort Wedding Las Vegas
M Resort wedding
Las Vegas wedding
Las Vegas wedding planner & designer: Scheme Events • Venue: M Resort • Photography: Ella Gagiano • Floral: Naakiti Floral • Officiant: Angie Kelly with Peachy Keen Unions  • Entertainment: Harry O Productions • Hair & Makeup: Your Beauty Call • Cigar Roller: Spirit of Cuba