The whole reason for the wedding day is to join two people who are madly in love with each other and want to spend the rest of their days with one another. We love the dresses and the suits, the photo and video, the hair and makeup, the flowers, the food, the music, the details and how it all comes together but the reason your friends and families have all come together from near and far is to witness a very important milestone in your lives – your union.
We got with Angie Kelly of Peachy Keen Unions to ask her a few frequently asked questions from our brides and grooms about the wedding ceremony and “making it official”. Not only is she amazing at what she does, putting together personalized and truly memorable ceremonies, but she’s got some really great advice on tying the knot.
What is your advice for couples wanting a friend to marry them?
Having a loved one perform your ceremony is becoming quite a trend and something I sincerely feel is heartfelt! However it is crucial to know that, in Nevada, any individual solemnizing a marriage must first be ordained and in good standing with their sponsoring organization.  The individual must then apply for a one day “single marriage” license through Clark County. This process can be overwhelming and the deadlines daunting if a couple wasn’t anticipating these additional steps.
To circumvent a stressful situation, my advice is for couples to book my “legal only” service. I will ensure that all legal components are addressed either pre, post, or during the ceremony which their loved one would be performing. This service allows them to solely focus on the writing and performance aspects, while leaving the legal elements in the hands of a pro!
For friends and family members who are nervous about their performance, I am happy to assist them with the design and editing of their ceremony, along with a coaching session prior to the wedding.
Since same-sex marriages aren’t recognized in the state of Nevada, how are these ceremonies handled?
Thankfully, the act of marriage has remained strong and relevant throughout time due to its unique ability to adapt and evolve. Peachy Keen Unions handles same-sex weddings in the EXACT same fashion as traditional ceremonies – minus the legal filing of paperwork. While Nevada does not recognize same-gender marriages, it does honor domestic partnerships.  My office can guide local couples through the necessary steps to have their domestic partnership prepared in time for their commitment ceremony, making the event seamless.
Is there anything the bride and groom need to do after the wedding to properly record their marriage (file the marriage license, go down to the bureau, contact a specific department, etc.)?
Pre-ceremony, all couples must apply for their marriage license downtown at the Marriage Bureau. This can be done at the last minute (no waiting period) but it must be done in person; no agency or individual can apply on their behalf.
Post-ceremony, the necessary documents will be completed and a majority of professional officiants will then file the legal paperwork on behalf of the couple. Though the couple will be legally wed the moment the pronouncement takes place at their ceremony, it can take up to 10 days for the legal documentation to clear. From that point, each couple can easily go online to the Clark County Recorder’s website and have their official marriage certificate mailed to their home address.
What is the most unique ritual you’ve seen incorporated into a ceremony?
At Peachy Keen Unions we dig deep to represent our couples in a distinctive way for their wedding ceremony.  We never gratuitously suggest a unity element until we’ve heard the full love story and hit that “Ah ha!” moment where we can resonate with something meaningful!  A wine ceremony needs to make sense for the couple, jumping the broom needs to feel organic, a sand ceremony should somehow represent the couple’s home turf and upbringing, etc. 
A recent ritual which stands out most was a nostalgic handfasting which was incorporated into a ceremony last October. Handfastings are a binding agreement that originated in the 12th century throughout Europe; a symbolic act of binding a couple’s hands together in contract, commonly known as “tying the knot”.
Generally we perform this ritual using a specific cord or cloth. However in this instance, our couple creatively used materials based on their courtship and family memories…such as a lanyard from a marathon they did together, a tie from the Bride’s father, and ribbons from a Mardi Gras celebration. The thoughtfulness and teamwork put into the preparation really amped up the sentiment!
Here’s Angie at some of our past weddings doing what she does best!

2014-05-13_0001[Photo Credit: Dott Photography (left) // The Black Chicken (right)]


 [Photo Credit: Chelsea Nicole Photography (top) // J. Anne Photography (bottom)]