We are not ashamed to admit we love Pinterest.  It’s a great source for inspiration for bouquets, dresses, beauty looks and much much more.  One quick browse through a brides Pinterest board can tell us a hundred tiny details that may not be picked up in a conversation.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a Pinterest board is like Moby Dick!  When designing with our brides, we get on group Pinterest boards so we can comment back and forth to each other about ideas we are loving.  It’s a great communication and design tool!
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As much as we go crazy for Pinterest, we’d love to caution you to use Pinterest wisely for your wedding planning.  We’ve prepared a few Do’s and Don’t’s to keep in mind in three main areas: color schemes, design ideas and photography.
Color Schemes:

DO go on Pinterest to check out colors that blend well together or contrast well.  We love these sorts of sites for great ideas.  Design Seed and Revel are great sources to check out.  You can get a sense of colors that you would maybe never consider putting together.

DON’T get too caught up on color names or specifics.  Are you looking for the perfect shade of peach?  Don’t stress yourself out looking at every coral, blush, melon and salmon.  Find something you like and then use that as a guiding point.  Your flowers are going to vary in color (and helps with texture and depth!).  You may find just the right swatch of cornflower, but the closest linens are sky blue or night cloud blue.  Allow for wiggle room in your color inspiration and it will save you from headaches as the color details start coming together.
DO look at centerpieces, lighting, linens and stationery.  You’ll tend to be drawn to similar looks–even if they are different styles.  For example, maybe you’ve pinned all tall centerpieces so you love the drama and height they create.  Maybe everything is outdoors or covered in lace or full of glitz and glitter.  Use your wedding planner to see how these looks will translate most appropriately to your wedding.
DON’T try to replicate an entire wedding, picture or look.  Every wedding is different.  The black and gold wedding you see in a sleek modern setting may be gorgeous, but will look completely different in your Tuscany inspired venue.  Maybe you fall.in.love with a picture that looks beautiful, but upon closer inspection what really gives the image the WOW factor is the floor to ceiling windows, built in bar or existing color scheme in the walls and carpet.  Your wedding has a different guest count, different venue (most likely), different color scheme and different budget.  Plus, doing something that’s already been done is old news.  Let’s create something new that reflects you and your fiancee best!
DO pin some specialty pictures that show great emotion, cool lighting or creativity in the composition of details or lining up the wedding party.  Your photographer will appreciate a few images you think are important and would love to see in your album.
DON’T send your photographer an entire Pinterest board with dozens of images you want replicated at your wedding.  Let your wedding day unfold naturally and allow your photographer the freedom to capture the day as it flows.  Forcing pictures feels just that: forced.  You hired your photographer because you love his or her style and what you’ve seen in their body of work.  Trust them to do their job and they’ll do it best!