With all the new and creative ways to serve food to your guests, we’ve found that food stations are becoming more and more popular. It lends to a fun and interactive atmosphere, but we’ve also run into some questions and confusion as to how guests should go about dishing up their meals.
– The first thing to remember is that food stations are not the same as buffets. While a buffet is typically setup against a wall in a continuous flow, food stations are single setups placed throughout the reception space. There’s no specific place to start so it helps eliminate long lines.
– If it’s still unclear as to whether or not the food is being served in stations or a buffet, a good sign to look at is the size of the plate. If they’re about the size of a salad plate, its’ a food station. This lets guests serve themselves a small taste to take back to their table and enjoy without getting too full too fast, when they’re done with that it’s off to the next station.
– Don’t feel like you have to visit every station in a give amount of time. Food stations add flexibility so that guests can eat when they feel like it, with the opportunity to walk around, drink and mingle between plates.
Check out some delicious stations from our past weddings!

[Mimosa Bar & Salad Station: J. Anne Photography – Taco Station: Christopher David Photography]


[Smores Station: Cardin Creative – Popcorn Station: Sam Morris – Candy Station: John Morris Photography]