We had a chance to interview the girls of Gimme Some Sugar, also known as Las Vegas’ very own ‘Sugar Mafia’, to answer some of the common questions we get from our brides and grooms about the sweetest part of their wedding day!
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What is included in a cake tasting? How soon should I schedule this?
I recommend scheduling a cake tasting at least 6 months out, but whenever you are starting the plan … this is THE best part of the wedding planning process.  Every bakery does their tastings different, in our tasting we provided 3 large slices of cake and filling so it looks like an actual serving at your wedding … just bigger!  You get a list of flavor and filling combinations and you get to choose 3 different combinations to try.

What is the difference between fondant and buttercream? What types of factors make it better to go with one than the other?
There is a big difference between both BUT … there is a common misconception about fondant that I’d like to clear up.  We cover all of our cakes with a very high-quality fondant and there is a thick layer of buttercream that goes underneath the fondant.  It is easy for people to say they don’t like the taste of fondant because there are so many brands out there that I will agree, are gross!  I can tell you I am undefeated in the fondant challenge for every bride and groom that walk through my door, whoo hoo!  Every body is very surprised how tasty our fondant is and I’ve turned them into fans.  I think it’s important couples should have an open mind and give fondant a shot.  We use fondant for 2 main reasons.  A) aesthetics … it’s very pretty, clean finish and you can do SO much with the design and decor of the cake, which is what we are known for. B) It also helps lock in the moisture of the cake to keep it nice and moist — we don’t soak our cakes, which is more of a European style so we go through other measures to help the process… but we also battle heat in Vegas and what happens to buttercream when it gets hot?!  It melts and becomes messy, so between transportation of the cake and the different climate it goes through, we choose to deal with fondant
How far in advance are wedding cakes prepared?
All of our cakes are baked fresh for every order and we bake them 2 days prior to your wedding.  This ensures the highest quality of cake is used and it’s nice and fresh when you eat it.
Can you accommodate dietary restrictions such as kosher, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free?
The only type of cake we can accommodate at this time is a gluten-free chocolate cake.  When you have too many restrictions the structure of the cake can become compromised and we are still searching for those perfect recipes!
Here are some of Gimme Some Sugar’s phenomenal creations!
[Photo Credit: Shalimar Studios]