Whether you’re searching for or have already found a photographer, you might have some questions about the additional services they offer. Here are some of the most common and trending features for wedding photography.
First Look –
An arranged (usually private) moment between a wedding photographer and the bride and groom before the ceremony to capture their reactions when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. The First Look also helps save time by completing all portraits and formal photos prior to the ceremony so that the couple can enjoy their guests and cocktail hour immediately after the ceremony


You might remember Kristen & David‘s sweet First Look from their wedding last June!

[Photo Credit: Cardin Creative]

Associate Photographer –
Commonly referred to as the ‘second shooter’, hiring one can expand your coverage and can open up possibilities a single photographer simply can’t offer. The Associate Photographer will work under the direction of your lead photographer and often  photographs the details of your wedding day

With a second shooter, Denise & Ben‘s ceremony was captured through two vantage points!

[Photo Credit: Christopher David Photography]

Day After Session –
A portrait session between the bride and groom that takes place after the wedding day in which the couple traditionally wear their tux and gown. Although the name would lead you to believe that the portrait session would take place the day after the wedding, day after sessions also take place after the honeymoon.  It isn’t so much as when you take your post ceremony portraits, but rather to make certain that you do have portraits of the two of you together.


Almost a year ago, Liz & Jean snuck off to San Juan Capistrano a few days after their wedding for these gorgeous couples portraits!

[Photo Credit: Chelsea Nicole Photography]