The girls and I are so excited to see the launch of our new wedding welcome bag service take off so quickly. Thank you to everyone who has been such a huge supporter of our new adventure. Brides, if you haven’t had a moment to check it out, please visit Welcome Bag Shoppe, brought to you by Scheme Events, here.
We provide a variety of products to choose from to make each wedding guest feel special. Greet them with a personalized welcome bag filled with delicious treats, champagne to celebrate, specialty gifts like a Bloody Mary Kit and an itinerary of your wedding weekend. Surprise your guests with a custom favor that represents you and your fiancé perfectly. Leave a hangover kit on each of your guests’ pillows during your wedding reception to prepare them for the morning after. Love these idea? Great, Welcome Bag Shoppe has you covered. Choose from our one of a kind curated collection or custom create your own!
We have had a blast designing custom gifts for our clients. We recently delivered personalized suitcases to The Wynn to greet guests traveling to Las Vegas to celebrate a big birthday. The suitcase was filled with a lucky poker chip, tasting playing card cookie, Things to do in Vegas card and much more. The guests raved about it!
Las Vegas Welcome Bag
We also just shipped custom wedding hangover kits to Florida. Each kit was filled with a miniature water bottle, Gatorade pouch, granola bar, Aleve, Altoids, mouthwash and eye drops all perfectly packages and sealed.
personalized hangover kits
Welcome Bag Shoppe also caters to our corporate clients. We’ve created awesome holiday gift baskets representing each industry. For example, we put together a holiday gift for the construction field this past year. We attached local baked cookies shaped in yield, stop and caution signs to an orange cone. It was completed with bags of nuts we called gravel and puppy chow we called debris. We are also currently designing a personalized gift for new home owners from their realtors. We love the idea of creating gifts from students to their teachers, gifts from doctors to their nurses, gifts from professionals to their clients, etc. We can do it all. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you want to gift your employees, clients, vendors or colleagues with a personalized gift.
corporate holiday gift
We are constantly adding to our collection. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to next. We’ve got great ideas in the works and can’t wait to share them with you.