Everyone you love knows just how wonderful your wedding day is going to be and they’ll come from all over the world to come and celebrate with the two of you! It’s very important to take care of your out of town guests because they have to spend a little more money to arrange travel accommodations, some may even have to take a couple days off from work. You may have never thought of it but here are a few things to consider for guests traveling near and far.
Room Block –
a set number of hotel rooms set aside in advance for a group of people. Creating a room block allows for your guests to book rooms at discounted rates and takes the guess work out of deciding what hotel might be most convenient for your event, especially if you’ll be providing a shuttle service.
Welcome Bag –
a bag filled with goodies to greet your guests upon arrival. The bags can be filled with yours and your fiancé’s favorite snacks, drinks and desserts, necessities for the hotel room or items themed to the city you’re in – you can get really creative with these no matter what direction you decide to go in!
Shuttle Service 
a type of public transport to provide your guests with transportation services on small buses or vans. You can arrange for pick up and drop off at the hotel in which you’ve setup a room block, this will create peace of mind knowing your friends and family will ‘make it to the (right) church on time’.
These are just a few small gestures to show your guests just how much you truly appreciate them for making the trip to witness your I Do’s!