What is the best part of the planning process you ask? Personally, we like the tasting! While it might be a breeze choosing what you’d like to serve, another element to consider is how you’d like to serve your guests. At first it may be a little intimidating but let’s start with the basics and from there your catering manager can elaborate on and help build the rest of your dinner service.
American Service –
the most common of all dinner services, this service is also known as ‘plated dinner’ in which the meals are prepared and plated in the kitchen and then brought out to each individual guest at their table
French Service –
food is brought to the table partially prepared and then finished in front of the guests’ tableside, this service is a great for a black tie affair
Buffet vs. Stations –
these two are often confused with each other; a buffet offers guests many dinner and dessert options and is presented beautifully on a buffet line while stations lend to a fun and interactive atmosphere. For example, you could have a pasta station where guests have options for pastas, sauces and add ins or you could have a carving station with a variety of meats sliced by a chef.
By now you can see that there is so much that goes into planning your big day but don’t worry, we’re hear to answer any questions and guide you along the way. Happy tasting!