After many months of planning my own wedding, I am finally saying, “I Do!” to my best friend! There is so much excitement in my heart and happiness this week, I can barely wait until this Saturday. Planning my own wedding was very different than planning weddings for all of you amazing couples that I have had the chance to work with in the past and present. I have learned first hand that planning a wedding is A LOT of work and you can easily get swept up in procrastination. That is where a planner comes in handy! We keep you on track and make sure you are enjoying the process instead of waiting until things are so overwhelming that you can’t focus.

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Here are a few tips to help YOU stay stress free during your planning process and on your wedding day so you can enjoy every moment with your friends and family… and your new husband/wife!

1. Quiet Time. With all the commotion, you may forget that you also need a little you time; take a moment and spend some time with yourself, listen to some of your favorite songs/music to collect your thoughts, breathe and just relax.

2. Stay connected with your fiancé. Under the pressure and stresses of planning a wedding and with all the commotion going on the week of the wedding, it is easy to lose touch with the person you love most– your fiancé, yes that one you are about to marry. Find time to go out to dinner, watch a movie… just spend some quality alone time together. You will be thankful you did.

3. Exercise. You most likely have already upped your pre-wedding workout routine to look your best, but there is another reason that exercising can help you stay stress free. Check jiu jitsu classes in San Diego or anything makes you happy. Exercise has a positive emotional and psychological effect on your mind and body. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or just need to take a break, take a walk, go for a run or just dance around your house; it will help produce more “uplifting” and stress-stabilizing endorphins to keep you going.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your family and friends want to help. If there is something that you forgot or just need to calm your nerves, just ask. I assure you they would LOVE to help out.

5. Pamper yourself. Schedule an appointment for a massage, facial or simply just a manicure and pedicure (my favorite). The settings in any of these types of places will allow for relaxation and make you feel energized and feeling beautiful on your wedding day.

XOXO, Traci