Let there be light! Another detail not to be overlooked on your wedding is lighting. If you’ve ever been wowed walking into a venue a great deal of it has to do with the lighting; it sets the mood and ambiance for the event. Even if this week’s words aren’t familiar to you, you’ve definitely seen them.
this look is created by light fixtures set on the ground to project light up towards the ceiling to create color on the walls. These lights do not necessarily add light to the room depending on the color you’ve chosen but it definitely sets the tone of the event.
Pinspotting –
lights are suspended from the ceiling or lighting trees and positioned to illuminate your guest tables, this subtly draws eyes to the center of the table and helps showcase your gorgeous centerpieces
short for “goes before optics”, is a steel template of a pattern, shape or graphic placed in front of a light source to manipulate the light to create an image on a surface. You might have seen this at other weddings of the bride & groom’s initials or monogram reflected on the dance floor or wall.
We hope this has “shed some light” on how important lighting is to your wedding!