Last week we gave you some words to ‘wow’ you catering manager, but your venue won’t be the only place to whip out the wedding lingo! These wedding words will help you when you meet with your florist to dream up all the gorgeous floral and décor for the big day.
a ball of flowers used as a decoration or an accessory and often carried by flower girls in place of baskets. They can be hung from ribbons or hooks or placed on top of vases.
a small bouquet or arrangement with a sweet smell. These can also be given to the mothers of the bride and groom before the ceremony.
Pipe and Drape
is a freestanding set up made of aluminum pipes, steel bases and your choice of a fabric for the drape. It is mainly used to hide, divide or decorate a space.
Ladies, you’ll sound like a pro when you begin designing with your florist, and guys, you’ll be able to impress your bride-to-be when she asks you for your thoughts and ideas!