One of the first and most exciting things you’ll talk about as a newly engaged couple is choosing your venue. Once you’ve chosen your venue you’ll meet with the catering manager who might throw out some words and phrases that will make it sound like they’re speaking a different language. We’re here to translate!
Banquet Event Order –
commonly referred to as ‘BEO’, is the form that has all the information including guest count, menu, timeline, room setup and couples’ requests. Throughout the night your banquet captain will reference this document to ensure everything about your day goes as planned.
++ (plus plus)
the additional local tax and service fees are the ‘plus plus’ of your final bill, this can add a total of a 30% increase and should be considered in your budget as half of it is typically allocated to food and beverage.
COI  –
the abbreviated term for ‘Certificate of Insurance’, is something your venue may ask from your vendors as proof of general liability insurance.
With these new terms you’ll be able to keep up with the wedding lingo at your next venue meeting!