When the time comes that a couple begins to plan their wedding day they’re sure to run into some terminology they’re unfamiliar with. We’ve received some of the same questions throughout the planning process and thought it would be fun and helpful to our brides and grooms to begin blogging about “Wedding Words”.
Let’s start with a little help for the groom-to-be! The engagement ring was a tradition started by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria who gave Mary of Burgundy a simple gold band set with a diamond when he asked for her hand in marriage. The diamond has since then become the symbol of love and couples today are met with endless possibilities in selecting the perfect ring!
Setting –
also known as ‘blank’ or ‘mounting’, is the part of the ring that holds the diamond in its place, these come in prongs or bezels.
Pavé – 
a group of accent diamonds on the band set closely together revealing very little metal.
while a ‘blemish’ is an impurity on the outside surface of the diamond, this is an impurity inside the stone commonly caused from the Earth
Good luck fellas! Whether you’re choosing a ring with the help of your future wife or scheming up a complete surprise, remember to make it a fun shopping experience. She is sure to love any ring you give her when you pop the question!