When you think bachelorette party, I am sure you are thinking a bunch of girls dressed up in crazy outfits, flashing rings, sashes, tiaras and much more. However, these days, I think the status quo is to have a fun girls night without all of the “stuff” that makes you stand out and look ridiculous. As I am prepping for my own bachelorette party, here I have many ideas and I would love to share some of them with you.
Spa Day
What girl doesn’t love spending time at the spa? Check with a local spa to see what packages they have for a group number of girls and spend the day at the spa relaxing!

Spa Day { Photo }

After a lovely spa day, planning  to all dress up and go to a nice dinner with you closest girl friends is such a fun idea! It is not very often that you all are together, dressed up and looking smashing. What better way to celebrate than over a nice meal?

Girls Night Dinner{ Photo }

Club Night

Here in Las Vegas, there are a plethora of clubs that you can choose from… and they love bachelorette parties. Do some research and find a night club that seems like a place where everyone would have a good time. Then, reach out to their bachelorette coordinator to see what kinds of packages they have available for you and your group. As an alternative option you can rent a party bus and have your own private party (learn more about a St. Louis rental service).

{ Photo }

Weekend Getaway
I absolutely love this idea! Get your girls and get out of town to a fun place like Napa Valley, Miami, Cabo San Lucas and many many more. This is such a fun way to really truly have a great time and let loose with your friends.

Napa Valley Bachelorette{ Photo }

Bicycle Pub Crawl

This little adventure recently launched here in Las Vegas and sounds so fun! Hop on a bicycle that can or cannot be peddled by you and 13 other friends with a driver and bounce from bar to bar. Check out Cycle Pub Vegas for more information!

 XOXO, Traci