I love myself a good cocktail. There is nothing better than celebrating with family and friends on a wedding day and having something special for the guests to enjoy. Whether it be a grooms cocktail and a brides cocktail, or just a cocktail that you enjoy together as a couple. Specialty cocktails are all the rave this season.
Specialty cocktails have become somewhat of a norm as of late for wedding cocktail hours and receptions. They reflect who the couple is and set the mood for the beverage portion of the event. Cocktails and beverages ranging from mini to full glasses full of deliciousness are all great. The individual mini-champagne bottles (pictured above) are such a great feature to add to any event; wedding or summer party. Who doesn’t love a little “champs” {pronounced shamps}?
Escort Card Drinks

Turning a specialty cocktail into an escort card is a great idea! Guests can enjoy these specialty cocktails butler passed or in a station.


These strawberry and lime ice cubes would be a beautiful addition to a cocktail and add some delicious flavor. I would eat them plain as well. Yummy!

Wine Slushie

Here in Las Vegas it is 100+ degrees each day and these wine slushies are making my mouth water! Adding these to your outside/backyard reception this summer and early fall or for an outdoor cocktail hour will give guests the cool drink that they are craving.


Having a champagne hour or even a champagne bar at your cocktail hour and/or reception is such a fun idea. To spice up the look of just plain champagne, have fresh berries on hand to create a more unique and exquisite look to each glass of champagne.

I hope you are craving a cocktail as much as I am right now. Let us know if you use a specialty cocktail in your event this year. We would love to hear what your guests thought!

XOXO, Traci