I’m the least tech savvy in the group, but I love how Instagram, Pinterest and Appy Bride have created an avenue for brides and grooms to connect with their guests. All three social media outlets allow couples to share photos, provide information and communicate throughout the planning process to get guests excited about their wedding.
Instagram has given brides the opportunity to see photos captured from every perspective of their day instantly. Scheme jumps in on the fun as well. Creating a specific and creative hashtag allows guests to share photos with each other and help tell your story. We recommend creating your hashtag early in the planning to get guests excited about your wedding day. Share a sneak peak into your venue, your invitations, your tasting and much more. Share your hashtag name on your wedding website or app, information card included with your invitations and on a cute sign displayed on your gift table. You’ll absolutely love having access to wedding photos instantly. Check out some of our brides’ hashtags from this summer: #burkevegas2013 #lovullowedding #Glizdon
Side note. Please remember social media etiquette. Remind your guests you hired a professional photographer to capture the important moments and details. You’re simply asking for a different perspective. The last thing you want to have is all your guests with their phones out capturing your first dance like its a Van Halen concert. There are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.
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Pinterest has taken wedding inspiration to a whole new level! It’s an amazing way for brides to organize their ideas and thoughts. Scheme loves to see your boards at consultations because it gives us a better vision of your style for your wedding day. Scheme will even create a board with our ideas to share with you. The best part is how you can comment directly onto each photo to help with the design process. You can also allow your mom and bridesmaids to share ideas and comments within your board. Its a great communication tool and we all love it!
Pinterest is also a great way to communicate with your guests. How fun would it be to create a board with different hotel options, or things to do in your city during downtime, or great restaurant options to try. You can share the link on your wedding website or app.
Las Vegas Wedding Planner
Wedding website out. Wedding app in. Appy Couple has given brides ease with creativity when creating their wedding app. There are 300 design options to help you match your wedding style. Guests can download your app to find your event timeline, add photos, connect with other guests, RSVP and much more. Its all the information they need right at their fingertips, plus another fun communication tool to get your guests excited about your wedding day. Scheme doesn’t suggest your wedding app replace your physical invitation, but it does allow you to provide a lot more detail that guests appreciate.
Las Vegas Wedding Planner
XOXO, Tara