Are you looking for wedding favor ideas?  Are you in love with Instagram?  Do you oohhh and ahhh over all things miniature?  We’re kind of obsessed with all of the above.  So what we are about to show you kind of has us all kinds of excited.  We recently ordered these super adorable Tiny Books from Printstagram.  And we they are not kidding when they call them tiny.  They barely fit in the palm of your hand (which is what makes them so darling)!  We filled the books with our favorite goodies from our Instagram page, but think it would be an awesome fun time for you to put your engagement images or other photos to show your guests.
All of the books come with this heart shaped logo (sorry, no customizing, but the heart is cute!).  You can select 24 Instagram photos and create 3 of the same books.  Or select up to 72 images and create 3 different books.  Either way, you get 3 books for $10 (plus shipping).  Talk about a great deal!  You could fill these books with favorite recipes, love sayings, movie quotes or other fun items that are special to the two of you.
Printstagram also offers printing of posters, square size pictures, polaroid type prints and much much more.  We recommend checking out the site and getting creative!

photo 1

photo 4